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R 3,950.00 per year

Hundreds of millions of travelers use the likes of Google, Facebook, Trivago or Tripadvisor to find accommodation online every day.

Listing Benefits

Promoted and Featured listings will appear at the top of search results, and they are now always relevant to the active search query/filters

Listings marked as verified will have a verification badge shown next to the listing title in Single Listing Page, in Explore page results, etc. This can help them stand out among other search results.

However, there isn’t any special priority given to these listings in search results. To achieve that, you can use the listing priority settings.

The logo must be (500px x 500px) no larger than 4MB

Maximum of 8000 Characters 

With mobile first website design listings can easily call listing contact number. 

Using Geo-mapping to mark your listing on your listing and director mapping system. 

The directory gallery allows client to upload 12 Images or videos in a gallery format.  Showcase a variety of images or videos related to your listing . Directory galleries used to promote businesses, products, services, or events. 

Allowing you to add key information for the visitors from currency, water, Health warnings; like Malaria. The Best Wildlife viewing times, seasonal park details, Price range and accommodation links 

We provide clients with a yearly listing option for National Parks, Private Parks, Accommodation and Tour operators. 

The website is marketed to the tourism industry and will increase your business footprint, lead generation and site traffic. 

As part of our marketing strategy we implement  best practice SEO (Search engine optimisation) – newsworthy articles, travel tips,  backlink generation and networking.

All clients listings are controlled by client via the front end admin access allowing clients to configure listing pages.

Your Dashboard

An overview of the analytics of your listing and how it is performing.

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