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Maasai Conservation in Africa
African Tribes, Cultures & Traditions

Exploring the Maasai Heritage

The Importance of Maasai Conservation and Preservation in Africa Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, and the Great Migration. The Maasai people are not just any indigenous

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Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex
Conservation Africa

Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex

Board Member African Parks Network, South Africa Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex is a humanitarian, military veteran, mental wellness advocate, and environmentalist.  The Duke

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  • Reimagining insect research: Interview with Roel van Klink and Leandro Nascimento 24th June 2024
    - Three out of every four known species on Earth are insects, but efforts to monitor, study and protect them have been lagging worldwide.- A new themed issue published in the journal Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society delves into four tech tools that have the ability to reshape insect research in the coming years.- […]
  • How agroecological cacao can save an endangered lion tamarin in southern Bahia 21st June 2024
    - Over the last 30 years, the population and range of the golden-headed lion tamarin (Leontopithecus chrysomelas) have been largely reduced. Remaining groups in southern Bahia state live in forests and agroecological crops known as cabrucas, where Atlantic Forest trees provide shade for cacao plantations.- Conversion of forests into livestock farming, intensification of management in […]
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  • Is climate change increasing the risk of disasters? 2nd April 2024
    From deadly wildfires in Hawaii to devastating floods in Vermont, disasters wreaked havoc across the US in 2023, the world’s hottest year on record. They shook millions of lives and caused billions of dollars in damage. As the climate crisis intensifies, there is no question that the intensity and frequency of extreme weather – often […]
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  • WWF Statement on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers IPOP Project Permit 22nd March 2024
    This week, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reversed an earlier decision and approved a permit to dredge and dispose of mining material in U.S. waters near Sitnasuak, or Nome, Alaska. In response, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) issued the following statement from Steve MacLean, WWF managing director of U.S. Arctic: "The estuaries around Nome, Alaska […]
    Irene Serrano