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Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex
Conservation Africa

Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex

Board Member African Parks Network, South Africa Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex is a humanitarian, military veteran, mental wellness advocate, and environmentalist.  The Duke

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Serengeti National Park Beckons Adventurous Travelers

Serengeti National Park Beckons Adventurous Travellers

Introduction: Serengeti National Park, a captivating oasis of untamed wilderness, has been a magnet for nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers for decades. Nestled in northern Tanzania, this iconic destination showcases an unrivaled diversity of wildlife, breathtaking landscapes, and the thrilling

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Escape to the Cape Karoo

Karoo National Park Vital Information

Climate Annual rainfall ranges between 100 and 500mm, averaging at about 200mm. Summer rainfall comes mostly in the form of thunderstorms or cold fronts from the Cape. The winters are frosty and chilly, when temperatures drop to below 0 degrees

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  • Colombia adds hundreds of species to list of threatened flora and fauna 22nd February 2024
    - The Ministry of Environment updated a list of threatened species in Colombia for the first time since 2017, adding hundreds of species facing a wide range of threats, from deforestation and mining to illegal hunting and fishing.- The country now has 2,106 species listed as critically endangered, endangered or vulnerable, up by about 800 […]
  • Tech to recover rainforest: Interview with Osa Conservation’s Carolina Pinto & Paulina Rodriguez 21st February 2024
    - Osa Conservation is a nonprofit organization working to monitor and protect biodiversity in the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica.- The peninsula is home to plants and animals seen nowhere else on the planet, and is estimated to harbor 2.5% of the global terrestrial biodiversity.- The organization uses a wide array of tech tools — […]
  • Herbicide used in Bangladesh tea production threatens biodiversity & health 19th February 2024
    - Tea is Bangladesh’s second-largest cash crop after jute, producing more than 60,000 tons (60 million crore kilograms) annually.- To rid tea gardens of weeds, producers are using the harmful chemical glyphosate, mainly under the brand name Roundup, as an herbicide; the chemical is banned in 33 countries due to its negative impacts on biodiversity.- […]
  • After 50 years of the U.S. Endangered Species Act, we need new biodiversity protection laws (commentary) 16th February 2024
    - The U.S. Endangered Species Act marked 50 years at the end of 2023 and has achieved some notable successes in that time, like helping to keep the bald eagle from extinction, but the biodiversity crisis makes it clear that more such legislation is needed.- “As we welcome 2024 and celebrate the strides made in […]
  • Find the manatee: New AI model spots sea cows from images 15th February 2024
    - A new computer model developed by engineers at the Florida Atlantic University uses deep learning to count manatees in images captured by cameras.- The model has been trained to identify manatees in shallow waters, and can be used to identify where they aggregate, which can, in turn, be helpful to plan conservation actions and […]
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  • Lanzan en Belice nuevo e innovador servicio de crédito para pescadores artesanales 12th February 2024
    En un esfuerzo por promover la pesca sostenible y una mejor administración del rico entorno marino de Belice, el Gobierno de Belice y World Wildlife Fund (WWF) anunciaron hoy que unirán fuerzas con Development Finance Corporation de Belice y Wildlife Conservation Society para establecer un programa piloto que ayude a los pescadores artesanales autorizados a […]
    Monica Echeverria
  • New Innovative Credit Facility for Artisanal Fishers Launched in Belize 12th February 2024
    In an effort to promote sustainable fishing and stronger stewardship of Belize’s rich marine environment, the Government of Belize and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) today announced they are joining forces with the Development Finance Corporation of Belize and Wildlife Conservation Society to establish a pilot program to support licensed artisanal fishers through loans tailored to […]
    Monica Echeverria
  • Call for President Biden to Institute a Whole-of-Government Approach to Plastic Pollution 9th February 2024
    Today, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) joined several NGOs and foundations to issue a letter to President Biden calling for him to institute a whole-of-government approach at the federal level to advance ambitious solutions to plastic pollution, both in the U.S. and internationally. WWF issued the following statement from Alejandro Pérez, senior vice president of policy […]
    Susan McCarthy
  • LLamado al presidente Biden para que instituya un enfoque gubernamental integral frente a la contaminación por plásticos 9th February 2024
    World Wildlife Fund (WWF) se une a varias ONG y fundaciones para enviar una carta al presidente Biden pidiéndole que instituya un enfoque gubernamental integral a nivel federal para promover soluciones ambiciosas ante la contaminación por plásticos, tanto en Estados Unidos como a nivel internacional. WWF emitió el siguiente comunicado de Alejandro Pérez, vicepresidente senior […]
    Monica Echeverria
  • WWF statement on global temperatures exceeding 1.5°C over 12-month period 8th February 2024
    Today, the Copernicus Climate Change Service released data detailing the record-breaking temperatures recorded in January 2024, making it the warmest January on record. The data shows that Earth endured 12 consecutive months with global warming of 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. In response, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) issued the following statement from Marcene Mitchell, WWF senior […]
    Matt McFarland