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Marina Delta Lagoons
An integrated tourist resort in the Delta region that conveys the luxury of luxurious tourist resorts to the Delta region. It has the first artificial lakes in the Delta and next to New Mansoura.
Marina Delta Lagoons is one of the projects of Delta Capital, the real estate developer of Marina Delta. The goal of the project is to completely change the concept of the resort in the Delta region, and to provide the highest levels of services and entertainment there, and to be closer to you than any other resort. For you and your family to enjoy and feel privacy and security

The Marina Delta Lagoons project is an integrated tourist resort in the middle of the Delta governorates, as it is about 130 km away from Alexandria, 70 km from Kafr El Sheikh, 87 km from Mansoura, 7 km from New Mansoura, 68 km from Damietta, and 95 km from Tanta.

Marina Delta Lagoons Resort is a state-of-the-art building that will change the rhythm of the delta and the concept of the resort, because the sea has become directly in front of your unit through the first artificial lakes, so that you can enjoy the turquoise color of the sea from your place. In Marina Delta Lagoons, we were keen to increase amenities and entertainment by establishing the “Sea Club” to combine the most important means of entertainment, such as a gym, spa, swimming pools, restaurants and cafes, so that you can enjoy life on the sea throughout the day, day and night. We allocated a walkway and a private path for stairs that pass through the entire resort

In order to preserve privacy, we have built a covered swimming pool for women. And for non-owners, we have created a luxury hotel to enjoy life in Marina Delta Lagoons

Marina Delta Lagoons is not just a summer resort because it has a privileged climatic location that guarantees life and luxury throughout the year

Accommodation Location
  • Madinet Baltim, Burullus, Kafr El Sheikh Governorate 6978501, Egypt

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