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What is it about the Savute channel? Stretching from the Linyanti River all the way to Savute Marsh, the papyrus waterways of this channel have pumped life into the western section of Chobe National Park for ages. However, it seems like this fickle channel wants to remain a mystery. With a history of flooding and drying up, not in the least bit bothered by plentiful rainy seasons and flood levels elsewhere, it has left locals and geologists perplexed for many years. It is on the banks of this unpredictable channel that Savute Safari Lodge is located, in the western region of Chobe National Park. This stunning area is celebrated for its game, and predators in particular. Discover the recent increase of animals, due to the reawakened flow of the mysterious Savute. Simply sit on your private deck and witness animals gather on the banks of the channel. Salute red hornbills seeking a breakfast snack in the morning when you sit in the main area, or greet curious zebra and wild dogs passing by. With no Wi-Fi or mobile phone reception, this lodge is all about creating your own escape to tranquillity; welcome to destination de-stress.

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