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There is something about camping. Time will unfurl at a slower pace once you settle down in front of your tent, with a soft breeze lifting up your hair and your feet firmly placed on Chobe earth. But now take a minute and think of camping without worrying about finding a good spot to pitch your tent, walking to public toilets or trying to cook over a small fire pit. This is why you want to be at Savute Under Canvas. Located in the Savute corner of game-laden Chobe National Park lies this, luxurious, private tented safari camp. The camp is semi-mobile, as you move to a different campsite every five or six days, providing you with the opportunity to really discover the area. Using only secluded wildlife campsites, this African experience brings you up-close-and-personal to wildlife. The tents are carefully positioned as close to the resident game as possible. It is all about best of both worlds: rustic camping, but with the comfort of a luxurious tent, delicious meals underneath the stars and – best of all – wildlife parading right in front of your canvas.

Forget every damp and droopy camping experience you ever had. Although this tented camp is mobile and relocates every couple of days, it is amazing what the staff pulls off every time. Wake up and revitalise by taking a steaming hot shower in your en-suite bathroom (hot water delivered on request). Plant yourself on the shaded veranda with your morning coffee and simply enjoy the smaller details of riverside life. After an exhilarating day, crispy linens and a soft double bed embrace your weary body. Lay down and listen to hippos honking, nocturnal wildlife emerging from their hiding places and the sweet evening breeze rustling through the leaves. Breakfast the next day is served in the guest areas: comfortable tents for dining, pre-dinner cocktails or just whiling away the time between game drives.

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