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Nov 15
Kruger National Park Vital Information

General Information SANParks can be found in a variety of the country’s regional habitat and topographic biomes and Kruger National Park is characterised by combinations of savannah, thornveld and woodland eco-zones. Large African mammals are present. Kruger has 12 main rest camps, 5 bushveld camps, 2 bush lodges and 4 satellite camps. Emergencies and Contact […]

Nov 15
Kruger National Park History

Did you know? The surface area of Kruger National Park is 7,580 miles² (19,633 km²). Related Download Tourism History Development of Tourism At the time of their proclamation, both the Sabie and Shingwedzi reserves were very poorly developed. Only in 1916 with the appointment of the Game Reserves Commission under chairmanship of JF Ludorf, the […]

Nov 15
Golden Gate Highlands National Park Brief History

Judging by the primitive stone tools and rock paintings found at various places throughout Golden Gate, the first inhabitants of the area were the Khoisan (Bushman/Hottentot group). There is no doubt that they lived under the many overhangs which offered excellent shelter. After the arrival of the Basotho and the Europeans (hunters, cattle farmers and […]

Nov 15
Golden Gate Highlands National Park Vital Information

Climate Mild highveld summers with the possibility of thunderstorms in the afternoon and cold winters with occasional snow transforming the park into a white wonderland. The winter temperatures in Golden Gate can plummet to a mere -9 to -15 degrees C and that snow is a regular occurrence in the park. Golden Gate primarily falls in […]

Feb 22
Air Tanzania relaunches Harare, Lusaka service after two decades absence

Air Tanzania is in talks with the Zimbabwe Civil Aviation Authority for flights to Victoria Falls starting in mid-July HARARE – Air Tanzania flew its Airbus A220-300 – the only one operated by an Africa-based airline – to Harare on Friday as it launched its three-days-a-week service between Dar es Salaam and Harare. Tourism Minister […]

Feb 03
The Orphans’ Project: Wildlife Rescue In Kenya

In August of 2009 an elephant calf was seen wandering alone near Kenya’s South Turkana National Reserve. No one knew why it was alone. Its mother may have been killed for ivory or meat, or may have perished from drought, illness, or injury. The calf was entering an extremely dangerous conflict zone. The common intertribal […]